Committed to Providing REAL Intelligence

No Shortage of Data

The oil and gas industry has access to massive data sets: from drilling intel to well-level production, to rig analytics, to various commodity and market trends, etc.

The truth is you do not need more data.  You need the right data and the right analysis.

Need Better Intelligence

What if there was a number to call to answer all the pressing questions you may have about the Biden administration’s impact on oil and gas markets?

A team that could help you put the broader macro picture into the context of your business and day-to-day decision making?

Someone who could shed light on the stability of the current oil price recovery, the risks to the upside and the risks to the downside,

A team that cuts to the chaise and removes the noise and tells you what matters to your business and what does not.

This is what we do at PetroNerds. We answer complex economic, strategic, and operational questions for companies, operators, and governments around the world.

PetroNerds 2.0 · REAL Intelligence Rooted in REAL Experience

Success is not derived from access to data sets. Success comes from comprehensive and accurate data and the ability derive clarity and actionable insight from it.

At PetroNerds, our knowledge, expertise, and experience gives us the unique capability to bridge the gap between the micro and the macro, connecting the dots between what is happening around the world and on the ground.

We call this the PetroNerds REAL Intelligence.

We have rebranded and refocused, honing in on what we do best, providing pragmatic and progressive solutions to organizations just like yours.

By providing REAL intelligence, and staying resilient and realistically optimistic, PetroNerds helps organizations like yours, make the right and strategic decisions.

The old PetroNerds site and the renewed version (Drag the arrows left and right to see the before and after photos of our website):

Old petronerds websiteNew petronerds website

Trusted by the Best Organizations

Many of the best organizations in the energy sector trust PetroNerds for independent and indispensable insights, advice, and tools.

Our tools, conversations, and research provide companies with validation and clarity, exclusive insights, and timely wisdom all in one place. We call it REAL Intelligence – rooted in real experience that works in the real world.

Unlock Your REAL Intelligence

The path head is not going to be easy.

To help you fill the gaps in your strategy and market intelligence, we are opening the doors to FREE Ask-Me-Anything calls with our founder and CEO Trisha Curtis.

You may book ONLY ONE call where you get to ask us any questions you may have about the energy sector and the impacts on your organization.

To find out more about what we do, visit our Expertise page here.


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