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Our clients turn to us for independent and indispensable insights, advice, and tools. These tools, conversations, and research provide clients with the REAL intelligence and clarity they need in order to make the right strategic decisions.

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It’s not about how much information and data you have. It is about having the right and accurate information. Our objective insights are tailored to provide you with that correct information that will help you with your critical decisions and strategies.

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No discussion is off the table with PetroNerds. We provide practical answers and tailored solutions needed for you to move ahead of what’s next. Forward is the only direction we go because that’s what we’re obsessed about. We listen with open ears, collaborate with open minds, and keep every promise that we make.

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Speaking Engagements

Uncover valuable pieces of information to help you and your organization adapt to the market trends and policy changes. Our presentations are tailored to covey timely and insightful thinking in the field, and provide relevant approaches customized to your conditions within the context of the global energy landscape.

CEO, Ms. Curtis has briefed boards, spoken at numerous oil & gas, auto, energy, and academic conferences and research events worldwide. She has been seen on CNN, OPEC, IEF, Stanford, EPRINC, Oxford, and more.

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REAL Intelligence & Clarity that You Can Count On

Our services share a foundation of deep industry expertise and analytic rigor.

With a team of leading experts in oil and gas, we understand the market intimately and are able to advise clients in the areas that can most significantly their impact business.

Our unique blend of deep market knowledge, analytical prowess, broad economic and geopolitical expertise, combined with a truly collaborative process with your team, allow us to look at each project distinctly, developing custom answers and solutions to fit your needs. 

By combining data analysis with extensive real-world experience, innovative perspectives with a strong business acumen, and big picture thinking with executable direction, PetroNerds brings REAL intelligence and clarity to help clients develop winning strategies.

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