“PetroNerds keeps our pulse on the market and our feet on the ground.”

About PetroNerds - Oil and Gas Experts

Progressive solutions need to work in the real world, not just on the drawing board. The concept of REAL Intelligence—delivering clarity and value, ensuring that our recommendations are practically executable, and helping clients stay ahead of what’s next — drives everything we do, from the way we work with our clients to the way we operate internally.

Insatiably curious and deeply committed

Our People

oilfield workers

We are problem solvers, oil and gas experts, and gritty professionals, never afraid to challenge the most complex situations and conventional perspectives. The PetroNerds team finds possibilities where others see roadblocks.

At PetroNerds, we have no egos or hierarchies. We are laser focused on making a positive impact on our clients’ future and we do it through a truly collaborative consulting process – the kind that takes confidence to listen, exchange ideas, and build superior solutions together.

President and CEO

Trisha Curtis

Trisha Curtis - PetroNerds CEO

Since founding PetroNerds, Trisha Curtis has been recognized for her passion and expertise in developing strategies based on micro and macro market intelligence with on the ground intel.

Ms. Curtis has a tenacious focus on solving root problems, supporting clients in organizational effectiveness, and developing and implementing growth strategies. She is a trained macroeconomist with a relentless attention to detail.

Ms. Curtis has worked across a broad range of companies, both in and outside the energy sector, with a significant focus on US shale, where she is seen as the leading expert and well-regarded industry speaker and commentator.

Company Values
A Culture of Gritty Entrepreneurs

Deeply embedded in the PetroNerds DNA is the drive and realistic optimism of an entrepreneur–the kind of person that sees opportunities in an impossible situation.

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Passion & Commitment

Delivering value for our client is beyond priority number one.

Our team are bold thinkers united by a relentless curiosity and grit to solve problems. We have a passion to pursue the right answer and will interrogate a problem until we find its root.

Practical Knowledge

Recommendations grounded in reality.

Our consulting and analysis is grounded in real-world experience. We don’t analyze data and walk away – we stick around until we give clients the strategies, insights, and advice they need in order to make decisions.

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Honesty & Collaboration

Integrity and teamwork.

As trusted advisors, we have the candor to always tell you the facts. We work shoulder to shoulder with you to ensure our work is fully integrated with your vision and formula.

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