Every Question About the Upstream Outlook - Answered

Trisha Curtis - PetroNerds CEO

If you are in the oil & gas industry, or in a business impacted by oil & gas markets, you may have questions right now. You cannot paint-by-number your way out of the uncertainty and turmoil. 

So how do you find the right strategic answers and solutions that will work for YOUR business situation?

How could regulatory changes affect my business and organization?

This is a major question we have been asked by our clients in recent weeks.

You may have read the actual Executive orders and received emails and reports from others, but still have questions about what this could mean for you and your business.

You may be nervous about overall market stability, no matter the steady rise in oil prices.

The success of your organization depends on many factors, such as assessing the impact of regulatory changes, accurately understanding permits and changes in activity levels, navigating the oil price environment, and many more.

To help you fill the gaps in your strategy and get ahead of the uncertainty in 2021, we are opening the doors to FREE Ask-Me-Anything calls with our founder and CEO Trisha Curtis.

You may book ONLY ONE call where you get to ask us any questions you may have about the energy sector and the impacts on your organization.

These are NOT sales calls.

We promise to keep the conversation on topic and confidential. Just you and your questions. You ask – we answer.

On these calls, you will get to connect with our founder one-on-one and receive actionable advice and answers directly related to YOUR business and concerns.

We have seen many organizations scramble to cope with volatile oil prices and now regulatory uncertainty, plowing money into unreasonably expensive data and reports and still not get an answer.

We want to help.

So if you want to know:

  • What operators and businesses are exposed to changes in Federal land regulations?
  • Will every existing permit get drilled?
  • How will the Federal Fracking Ban on new permits impact changes in drilling and completion activity in the Permian Basin and across the country?
  • Who is poised to benefit from the regulatory changes?
  • What will the shifts in Permian Basin and Texas activity look like?
  • What is the macro telling us about oil prices? Are there risks to this price recovery?

… book a call below.

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