Earnings Roundup for the Majors and the Fate of Dakota Access Pipeline

In this episode of the PetroNerds podcast, Trisha and Ethan discuss the rise in oil prices, the launching of the PetroNerds podcast, the launch and rebranding of the PetroNerds website, the Executive Order on Tackling Climate Change and the impact it will have on existing permits in New Mexico. This podcast brings the heat and is a must listen to episode. Trisha goes through the majors, their earnings and highlights, and calls out BP for their embracement of strong US regulations, big bets on renewables, and claims that Rosneft’s greenhouse gas emissions for crude oil are actually lower than BP’s. Trisha and Ethan also discuss the fate of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the alternative routes and paths for Williston Basin production should this 570,000 b/d pipeline be emptied.


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