Welcome to PetroNerds Podcast with Trisha and Ethan

In the first episode and official reboot of the PetroNerds podcast (thank you Digital Wildcatters), Trisha Curtis and Ethan Bellamy address the global oil market, the US oil market, COVID, and the role of $50 oil in detail. Trisha dives into the importance of $50 oil and why it is a magic number for shale, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. She also discusses the impact of a likely ban on fracing on Federal land and the pending regulations coming at the oil and gas industry. Trisha gets into the controversial weeds of shale productivity gains, frac sand, third quarter moves into natural gas by EOG and Liberty Oilfield Services, and the role of efficiency gains. They discuss the fundamentals of the oil market as of December 6th, 2020 and put oil demand in context. Peak demand, the COVID vaccine, the oil price recovery and the market’s misguided understanding of demand are just of few of the many topics covered in the first and must listen to (and watch) PetroNerds podcast.


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