Trisha Curtis’ Presentation on Shale Gas Before the EPRINC/IEEJ LNG Forum

Trisha Curtis Presents before the EPRINC – IEEJ ‘LNG Demand in Asia’ Forum

PetroNerds President and Co-founder Trisha Curtis gave a detailed presentation (download link) on US natural gas production from shale plays (both oil and gas) in Washington, DC on July 20th, 2017.  Her presentation was given at a one day conference on “LNG Demand in Asia,” hosted by The Energy Policy Research Foundation, Inc. (EPRINC) and the Institute for Energy Economics of Japan (IEEJ).  Trisha Curtis is a non-resident fellow at EPRINC.

This was the first public presentation by PetroNerds to include data from PetroNerds’  forthcoming HedgeAware service.  In it, Trisha highlighted that of 40 major shale oil and gas operators in the US, 550,000 b/d of crude oil production is hedged with fixed price swaps at over $52/barrel for the rest of 2017.  11 Bcf/d of gas production is also hedged via fixed price swaps at $3.20/mcf for those selected operators.



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