Oil Equities and Decarbonization with Dan Pickering

Happy New Year and welcome back to the PetroNerds podcast. In this episode, Trisha Curtis, host of the PetroNerds podcast nerds out with Dan Pickering of Pickering Energy Partners. This is a special 1-hour 17-minute podcast.  Trisha and Dan cover everything from oil prices, market sentiment, inflation, decarbonization, ESG, and investor pressure.  

They talk about oil prices, the role of market sentiment, the strength and health of the US and global economy, and inflation.  Dan discusses how long the debt bubble took to burst and take down the US economy, suggesting that the market may continue to move higher as sometimes things take a lot longer to play out.  Dan thinks “there is more gas in the tank.”

Trisha and Dan discuss decarbonization in the context of investing and Trisha pushes the question of whether or not all these investments are actually resulting in decarbonization or lower carbon emissions.  A healthy dose of economics and China talk is sprinkled throughout the conversation.


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