New Year Geopolitics: Energy, Russia, and China with Mark Rossano

Happy New Year and welcome back to the PetroNerds podcast and the first recording of 2022.  It is January 10th, 2022 and in this episode of the PetroNerds podcast, Trisha chats with Mark Rossana about Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Xinjiang, energy prices, and European and US inflation. 

This is another special episode, making up for lost time, an hour of conversation with Mark Rossano, and a 20-minute recap with Trisha Curtis.  Trisha and Mark get into the nuances of the US inflation and the Fed’s response to increase rates and tamp down on inflation and the European Central Bank’s lack of response to deal with inflation. 

They discuss the economy and economic growth, as well as the issue erupting in Kazakhstan and how it coincides with the build-up of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border and reduced natural gas, flows from Russia into Europe.  They also talk about China.  Trisha recaps the discussion with clarifications on China and Xinjiang and the impending supply chain issues coming in 2022, China’s property sector woes, and what this all means for energy prices and why this should matter to you.


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