False Sense of Security

Recorded on August 11, 2022


In episode 58, Trisha Curtis, CEO of PetroNerds, gives a talk to the Denver Petroleum Club’s Mentor Program.  Trisha begins the podcast by recapping highlights from the past couple of weeks and bringing listeners up to speed on the state of the oil market and latest happenings in energy security, oil prices, and China. 

In her talk to industry leaders and their industry mentees, Trisha explains what is happening in the global oil market with oil prices, the global economy and inflation and major food and energy crises taking place around the world.  She gets into oil demand, high natural gas prices, Chinese coal production, Chinese rising unemployment and poor housing data, ESG and the pressures on public operators, US energy production and declines during 2020, and the massive public private bifurcation in drilling and completion activity in US shale.  This is a thorough talk on everything taking place in the global economy and oil market from here in the US to across the pond.  August 11th, 2022 WTI was $93.51 and Henry Hub was $8.35.


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