From Russia to US Shale, Q&A with DRW

Recorded on August 11, 2022

Recorded on August 2, 2022 In episode 59 of the PetroNerds podcast, Trisha Curtis is joined by David Ramsden Wood. David hits Trisha with a series of rapid fire questions from the stock market, the Fed, inflation and interest rates, the global economy and macro environment to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resilience of US shale.

They get into the energy transition and the breakdown taking place across the globe. They talk about Russia’s pariah status and the linkages with China. They talk about the energy transition, energy security, and the stability of power sources like coal in the year 2022. August 2, 2022 – WTI $95.78, Brent $101.91, Henry Hub $7.89, Dutch TTf $.MMBtu $60, 30 Year Mortgage 5.05%, 10 Year Yield 2.71%


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