Unprecedented Complexities

Recorded on June 29, 2022

Episode 56 of the PetroNerds podcast is the presentation and Q&A Trisha Curtis did at the Hart Energy DUG Bakken and Rockies Conference in Denver, Colorado on June 29th, 2022. Darren Barbee, Senior Editor at Hart Energy, was the panel moderator and asked fantastic questions. This is a rapid fire show stopping presentation that will have you leaning in and asking questions.

Trisha goes around the world and discusses oil supply, oil demand, the global economy, recession and inflation, lost refining capacity, Saudi production, US public vs. private operator activity and public investor pressure, the global food and energy crisis, inflation/interest rates and unemployment, ESG and the impact it is having on US and global oil production, energy security, geopolitical leverage, and of course China’s massive increase in coal production and use. She covers all of this and more in just 15 minutes.

Buckle up folks. “This is when you put the drill bit back in and this is when you drill…we are going to look back and realize that the ESG and investor pressure took away from these operators and they should have been drilling.”


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