Jobs, Recession, and Oil Price Pressure

Recorded August 5, 2022

Episode 55 of the PetroNerds podcast is a must listen to episode on everything from the US jobs report to the market response, recession, the stock market and tech, oil rice pressure, crude oil inventory levels, inflation and the 1970s, and China and Taiwan.

Trisha Curtis, host of the PetroNerds podcast and CEO of PetroNerds, is joined by her guest Gabby Richmond, Executive Director at the Denver Petroleum Club. This is another special “fliparoo” episode with Gabby where she asks Trisha the most timely and relevant oil market and geopolitical questions of the day. Gabby asks Trisha about the US jobs report and the wackiness of the stock market response last week.

They talk about the Fed, inflation, recession and what that means for the stock market. Gabby asks about oil prices, US crude oil inventories and stocks, OPEC, Saudi Arabia, and spare capacity. Trisha talks about extreme complexities in the global economy that are important for all businesses and CEOs to watch out for. She also discusses the false sense of security of high oil prices against a backdrop of a poor and stretched global economy in the midst of war and an energy and food crisis.

The discussion is closed with a great update on China and Taiwan and Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last week and what Taiwan means for China, the global economy, US midterms, and more. Trisha talks about Taiwan’s need for natural gas to make semiconductors and China’s aggressive coal production increases and what it means for Chinese domestic energy security and Chinese outward expansion. WTI is $90.02, Brent $95.68, Henry Hub $8.15, Dutch TTF $60, 30 Year Mortgage 5.16%, 10 Year Yield 2.85%


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