Talking Shop with Matt Gallagher

Recorded on March 1, 2022

In episode 42 of the PetroNerds podcast Trisha Curtis is joined by Matt Gallagher, former CEO of Parsley Energy and current CEO of Greenlake Energy Ventures.  This is a lively and timely discussion by two oil and gas nerds who clearly need more than an hour to discuss the entire global oil market, energy policy in the US and abroad, ESG, the US oil market, and impacts of war in Ukraine on geopolitics and on energy prices.  Prior to recording, oil prices for the US crude benchmark, West Texas Intermediate, spiked to well over $105 and barrel, from $97 just hours before. 

Trisha and Matt discuss the Biden Administration’s energy policies and war against oil and gas, Matt’s look back on the proration talks he had with Texas Railroad Commission when oil prices were collapsing in 2020, and Matt’s electric Mustang.  They get into service companies and pricing and the need for service companies to be profitable along with producers.  They spend time talking about the over emphasis of the “E” in ESG and also talk about leadership in the oil and gas space and the certainty most executives have on the northbound trajectory of oil prices. 

Trisha harps on recession risk and talks about the risks of allowing Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea to get closer.  And they close the conversation by talking about sustainably sourced and humanely sourced barrels of crude oil from the US and Canada.  This is an awesome episode and one you most definitely want to share with everyone you know!


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