LNG, Nat Gas, and Tellurian

Recorded on April 4, 2022

Episode 43 of the PetroNerds podcast is part one of an incredible double header on all things US natural gas, global LNG markets, the European energy crisis, and the impact of regulations on ESG and investor pressure.  Trisha Curtis is joined by her guest Renee Pirrong, Strategy Director at Tellurian.  Tellurian is active in the upstream space in the Haynesville and will soon be exporting LNG (Liquified Natural Gas).  Before recording WTI was $101.80, Brent $106.36, Henry Hub $5.80, and TTF Dutch from CME $36 MMBtu. 

Trisha starts off the podcast with a global overview and backdrop of what is happening in the world, including the Biden Administration and IEA’s planned release of Strategic Petroleum Reserves from the SPR.  In this episode Trisha and Renee get into US natural gas production volumes, US LNG export volumes, LNG export capacity, and the Biden Administration’s plans to increase LNG exports to Europe this year and significantly more through 2030. 

Trisha gets into the production base potential and the meaningful impact of market signalling by regulators and the need to build infrastructure and pipelines to accelerate production growth in the US and exports abroad.  They discuss the impacts of ESG investing and money going into renewables vs. oil, natural gas, and coal.  They also begin discussing the energy crisis in Europe and Asia.


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