Rockies Midstream with Tad True

Recorded on October 6, 2023

Episode 98 of the PetroNerds podcast is a true PetroNerds special. Trisha Curtis is joined by Tad True of True Companies. He is a Casper, Wyoming local and the COO of Bridger Pipeline. Trisha and Tad discuss everything from the oil market and oil prices to covid and negative oil prices. They dive into the Bakken and the Powder River Basin.

Tad gives exceptional color and perspective on what it was like to be a private company and midstream player in the Rockies during the extreme pricing dynamics of covid. Tad talks about the Powder River Basin and the Williston Basin from the vantage point of a Wyoming midstream company moving the barrels of upstream producers. This outlook is both unique and candid and sheds light onto the complexities of the Powder River Basin and the driving forces in the Bakken and Williston Basin.

This is an absolute must listen to and must share PetroNerds podcast episode folks!

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