Playin’ in the Powder with Anschutz Exploration

Recorded on October 16, 2023

Episode 99 of the PetroNerds podcast is your second Rocky Mountain special with upstream operator Anschutz Exploration. Trisha Curtis is joined by guest Joe DeDominic, President of Anschutz Exploration in Denver, Colorado. Anschutz is private E&P primarily focused on the Powder River Basin in Wyoming with experience in Colorado, Utah, and North Dakota. Trisha and Joe cover the market and a range of topics including the evolution of the Powder River, the current state of play, and the Anschutz position and view.

Anschutz is a unique private player in that they are fully funded and without debt. This gives them greater operational flexibility and the advantage of time. As a former employee, Manager of Strategy and Analytics/completions tech, Trisha is intimately familiar with Anschutz and the Powder River Basin and worked directly for Joe DeDominic. This is another not to miss episode and a great candid conversation with the President of one of the largest private players in the Rockies.

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