Oil, Brine, and Cement

Recorded on July 5, 2022

Episode 51 of the PetroNerds podcast is focussed on what one company wants to do with brine water in oil and gas, mine it for various minerals.  Trisha Curtis is joined by guest Thomas Smith, CEO of US Strategic Minerals. 

It is July 5th, 2022 and oil prices have dropped below $100 a barrel, recession worries are mounting, and the stock market is declining.  Trisha makes sure to sprinkle in current market color and commentary, but the two talk about strategic minerals in brine water and the potential to “mine” or extract them and use them. 

While lithium and magnesium can be found in brine water, so can calcium carbonate, critical to the cement industry.  And what plagues the cement industry? CO2.  Get calcium carbonate for cement, sequester CO2, and make money from brine water?  Trisha and Thomas discuss the potential in this very nerdy PetroNerds podcast.  


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