US Shale and the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Recorded on December 2, 2022

Everything US shale in 15 minutes? Trisha Curtis and PetroNerds have you covered. PetroNerds is back in the UK! Episode 70 of the PetroNerds podcast is a 15 minute market recap as of January 18, 2023 and the US shale presentation Trisha gave in Oxford on December 2, 2022. Trisha presented to an international group at Oxford University for the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies’ (OIES) Oil Day.

This is a 15 minute complete and fast run down of all the major themes taking place in US shale including rising oil and natural gas production, the rise of private operators and their activity, increased lateral lengths and efficiencies, high natural gas prices impacting gas production, and regulatory, ESG, and investor pressure. Trisha was also a guest on the OIES podcast.

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