The PetroNerds Podcast – Episode 4: More Permian Basin Acquisitions, Per Acre Costs Getting Pricey

Episode 4 of the PetroNerds Podcast tackles two Permian-centric acquisitions: ExxonMobil’s purchase of Bass and Noble’s purchase of Clayton Williams.  Host Trisha Curtis discusses these deals, Permian well productivity, and some potential headwinds for new Permian entrants, including high acreage acquisition costs, constrained capital budgets in a low price environment, the specter of rising service costs, and the need to quickly drill to hold acreage in the Permian.

In addition to the free sample slide deck available below, PetroNerds is making the full podcast slide deck available for just $99 to help listeners follow along in great detail.

Each slide deck is densely packed with data, charts, analysis, and other news related to the podcast.  This month’s slide deck provides nearly 30 slides and includes asset overviews for the Permian positions of ExxonMobil/XTO, Bass/BOPCO, Noble, and Clayton Williamsas as well as oil well productivity comparisons for the Bone Spring, Wolfcamp, Trend Area, and Delaware across both Texas and New Mexico.  This month’s slide deck is just $99 or you may purchase a 1-year subscription (12 decks) to the PetroNerds Podcast slide deck for $999.

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The PetroNerds Podcast – Free Episode 4 Slides

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