Shale 2.0 with Buckhorn Production

Recorded on April 30, 2024

Episode 108 of the PetroNerds podcast is another PetroNerds special. Trisha Curtis, CEO of PetroNerds, is joined by guest Sam Shiverick, CEO of Buckhorn Production. Buckhorn is a production company that purchased unconventional horizontal wells from an operator in New Mexico in the Permian Basin in 2020. This is an incredible conversation that highlights the longevity and future of US shale. Buckhorn is literally breathing new life into older unconventional assets and increasing output and showing just how profitable it can be.

Sam explains the history behind Buckhorn and his background in oil and gas and then Trisha and Sam get into the market dynamics and how Buckhorn is differentiated with a lower cost structure and much lower risk profile as it is not drilling and completing wells. They discuss the business model, older wells, methane, ESG, refracs, and a lot more.

This is Sam Shiverick’s first podcast. He is an incredible guest and PetroNerds cannot wait to have him back on the podcast.

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