Politics and Oil Demand with Fundare Resources

Recorded on April 20, 2023

Episode 82 of the PetroNerds podcast is part two of the incredible double header with Daniel Seaver, VP of Midstream and Marketing, at Fundare Resources. Fundare is a private operator in Denver that is actively drilling in the DJ (Denver Julesburg) Basin in Colorado. The frank dialogue on the state of the industry, the trajectory of oil prices, and regulations and business dynamics in Colorado and beyond continues.

Trisha and Daniel get into private operator behavior, their nimbleness and flexibility, and the rock opportunity and upside. They get into M&A in the context of a recession. Trisha says “We are not in a bull story for oil demand.” They talk about inflation, the tight labor market, and the inability to get people interested in the oil and gas industry. Daniel shares his insights and stories about attracting younger people into the sector.

They discuss the movement against oil and gas in the context of hiring, M&A, generalist investors, and the industry’s role in helping to demonize oil and gas. They talk about politics, regulation, and the need for education and the industry’s role in helping to educate and tell their story as operators and business leaders. Daniel asks questions and Trisha says “this Administration has directly contributed to high oil prices” and “this business will not last under incredibly aggressive politics.

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