OPEC, Fed, and China

Recorded on April 7. 2023

Buckle up for your world wind market tour with PetroNerds and the PetroNerds podcast. In episode 78 Trisha Curtis takes you through the oil market and the global economy, China, geopolitics, the energy transition and, JP Morgan’s annual energy paper, the Fed, and the US economy. Trisha discusses the OPEC Plus cuts which have driven oil prices to over $81/barrel and the pickle the Federal Reserve finds themselves in with sticky and persistent inflation and a banking crisis backdrop.

She talks about recent jobs data in the US and the average work week being just 34.4 hours. Trisha then dives into geopolitics, China , and the energy transition and covers the Taiwan visit to the US by the current leader and the Taiwan visit to China by the former leader. She discusses China’s relationship with Europe and French and EU leader visits to China. She gets into China’s relationship with Latin America, including recent changes to the Brazil and Honduras relations as well as China’s peace brokering between Iran and Saudi Arabia and everything in between.

This is a podcast that you won’t want to miss!

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