Karl Rove Gets Nerdy with PetroNerds

Recorded on June 8, 2023 and August 8, 2023

The 90th episode of the PetroNerds podcast is Trisha Curtis’ sit down interview with Karl Rove, former Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to George W. Bush. Karl Rove and Trisha Curtis spend time covering a wide range of topics on energy and politics. They discuss the current Biden Administration’s anti domestic oil and gas stance, lack of knowledge in the White House, green energy ideology, and “John Podesta and the green energy mafia.”

Trisha brings up the meaty topics of energy security and China and asks why folks in Washington have not done a better job about putting two and two together. Why has the political opposition in Washington not driven talk on US energy security and the threat of China? They talk about China and CO2 emissions, energy education, and the need for money and investment in energy education. Trisha asks if spending in the climate and green driven Inflation Reduction Act can be pulled back by a different White House Administration and Karl Rove says yes.

Trisha talks about how “no energy is free” and they close the podcast by discussing Desantis’ views on energy. Trisha introduces the podcast with 15 minutes of market talk and analysis, covering the rise in oil prices, Saudi cuts, US bank downgrades, US credit card spending, the US housing market, and much much more.

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