Inflation, Recession Risk, and Investor Pressure/ESG

Episode 32 of the PetroNerds podcast is the second half of the double-header with Mark Rossano. This is a continuation of the conversation on China and the global energy crisis.  In this podcast, Trisha and Mark talk about how inflation and the global energy crisis are interwoven and what the risks are to global economic growth and energy prices.

This is a great discussion on inflation in the US and the impact it is having on the economy and spending power. This dialogue evolves from inflation and recession risk to rising interest rates and investor pressure and the role of ESG and the dislocations it is creating for public oil and gas companies.

Trisha points out the evolving nature of investor pressure and the lack of defined targets for ESG. They close this conversation by taking it all the way to private investment and private equity and the role of lower oil prices and the benefit lower prices had on the US and global economy.


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