Health of the US Consumer 

Recorded on June 19, 2024

Episode 110 of the PetroNerds podcast is a heavy hitting intel dense podcast on everything you need to know about the health of the US economy, the health of the US consumer, inflation, the Federal reserve, interest rates, and how it is all impacting oil prices.

Trisha Curtis walks listeners through the US economy and explains how the consumer is being tapped out by high prices and how inflation, not interest rates, are actually driving down inflation to a degree. She explains the impact of high prices on the consumer and what is happening with supposed interest rate cuts, the stock market, and unemployment and jobs. She gets into the type of jobs being added and why the economy and the consumer is not that healthy. She talks about the Consumer Sentiment Survey from Michigan and how it relates to the problems the Biden Administration is having on convincing the US populace that the economy is good and healthy.

Trisha talks about employment and job gains and the types of jobs being added and the lack of high paying jobs being added in the economy. Trisha gets into the Houthi attacks in the Red Sea and the impact on goods prices, fuel cost. containers, and shipping times. Trisha talks about the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) and oil prices and why the Biden Administration will likely tap the SPR again and lower oil prices before the election.

Trisha gets into the “non recession recession” and where the jobs gains are, where they are not, and the fact that a lot of job gains are being filled with immigration. She discusses the impact of immigration on GDP and inflation and housing. She closes this jam-packed PetroNerds podcast by talking about oil prices, risk, the macro, and what is driving oil prices up and down. She covers geopolitics and gets into Russia, North Korea, Iran, and China, Iran and the Houthis, and the push and pull on oil prices. She squeezes in some commentary on US oil production, less rigs, and longer laterals, and Russian and Saudi production and spare capacity.

This is an absolutely intelligence packed podcast that you are going to listen to and re-listen to, like, and share with your colleagues and friends.

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