Exxon, Activism, Executive Orders, and DAPL

In episode 19 of the PetroNerds podcast, your host Trisha Curtis, CEO of PetroNerds, and cohost Ethan Bellamy get into the very hot topics of ExxonMobil’s board seat debacle with activist investor group Engine No.1, Biden’s doubleheader Executive Orders on climate change, and the Dakota Access pipeline decision in favor of Energy Transfer and DAPL. 

Trisha and Ethan discuss the implications and meaning of activist investors and put in context the overarching Executive Orders by the Biden administration which have far-reaching consequences for the financial system and procurement of contracts.  They finish the podcast with a lengthy discussion on the Dakota Access pipeline ruling by Judge Boasberg, in favor of the pipeline.  This is an incredible episode that you do not want to miss.  It is jam-packed with market intel.


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