Biden’s Infrastructure Plan and the Department of Interior’s Forum on Oil and Gas Leasing

In episode 10 of the PetroNerds podcast, Trisha and Ethan continue the discussion of the Permian Basin’s rising rig count, oil prices, and spare OPEC Plus capacity. They also begin what is sure to be a more lengthy discussion on Biden’s Infrastructure Plan and associated Tax Plan, what Trisha calls unfair comparisons to China, and go through the Department of Interior’s nearly four hour virtual forum on oil and gas leasing on Federal Land and Offshore Waters and the executive order on Climate Change, which prompted the forum and review.

(Note and clarification. As of January 2021, Doublepoint Energy, LLC was producing over 60,000 bd with nearly all of the production coming from 184 horizontal wells. Doublepoint has 184 active horizontals and 386 active vertical wells according to Enverus.)


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