Biden LNG, the Fed, and Oil Price Volatility

Recorded on February 2, 2024

Episode 101 of the PetroNerds podcast is your complete market recap of everything that has taken place in oil and the global economy in the past two weeks. Trisha Curtis dives into the Biden Administration’s pause on LNG export permit approvals and what that means for global natural gas markets, oil price volatility, and Jerome Powell’s speech and the Fed rate decision.

Trisha walks listeners through the rise and fall in oil prices and why the market is not appropriately pricing in geopolitical risk. She talks about the Fed’s rate policy, Jerome Powell’s speech, and how Fed rates and pricing are impacting oil prices and oil price volatility. Trisha dives into the Biden Administration’s LNG export permit approval pause and talks about how political and completely ignorant and unintelligent this move really was.

She discusses the Baker Hughes conference that took place this week, the rest of the world betting on natural gas, as well as the Saudi move to lower output capacity investment, BP activist investors wanting more oil not less, and Exxon’s pushback to activist investors. This is an absolute show-stopper folks and not the podcast you want to miss!

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